Monday, December 10, 2012

Hang on tight

3.20 PM, Boras, Sweden

Today's soundtrack;

Her Bright Skies – I'll Be For You 

"I'll be the flowers that they place on your casket
I'll be the love that we knew would never last it
I'll be the moon when the last sun is setting
I'll be for you
I'll be for you "

Dear diary,

Nothing much to report, everything's pretty boring right now. Just waiting around, as usual. Been planning a lot for the band's future, creating new profiles on different social networks and so on. We'll make it. We have to.

Pretty strong feelings of separation anxiety today. Amidst all the hate I feel towards her, I still just want to sit down and talk about it. I'll never be able to put it to rest without that. But once again, she's too much of a coward for that to happen. And that just provokes me even more, turning into a spiral of hate and misery, but also a strong determination to prove her wrong and make her suffer the way she has made me suffer. An eye for an eye.

Never wound what you can't kill, sweetie.

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