Friday, November 23, 2012

Maybe I'm just blind

1.36 AM, in the middle of nowhere, Sweden

Today's soundtrack;

Guns N' Roses – You Ain't The First

"Time can pass slowly,
things always change
Your day's been numbered
And I've read your last page
You was just a temporary lover
Honey you ain't the first
Lots of others came before you woman
Said but you been the worst
Said you been the worst"

Dear diary,

First thing's first. I know you're reading. A bit harder to let go than you expected is it? Four views from Kinna, from an Iphone... hmm... who could it be... 
Seriously though, my offer still stands. Some coffee and some chit-chat, and this could be over for good. Your cowardice is remarkable.

You'll have to excuse my absence. I've been ill. Terribly ill. Someone tried to drag me down, and damn near succeeded in doing so. Yeah, you know who, and you know what. I was ready to let it all go, but took one last chance and fled the scene. Been in Borås for a couple of days together with some old friends of mine. It has been good, mostly. I haven't been sleeping alone, which is when I'm most vulnerable to attack from my vicious head. But now I'm back home in the woods again for the last time around before I move into my new apartment in Borås. Six more nights, then I won't have to sleep alone again, hopefully for a long time ahead. Should be nice, looking forward to decorating the place, now when we have a lot of space to fill out. Also having a party at New Year's Eve, combined housewarming and celebrating New Year's Eve, looking forward to it.

But most of all, I'm excited about seeing a certain person who keeps my mind busy just enough to keep her out of it. Didn't expect that, did you?

You took me by surprise, I have to admit. But really? You think you can handle it? Handle her? I'm ready to bet against it. I can sense that you've changed, but as long as I'm here, you won't get away with anything funny. So don't try. 

Watch me.

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