Saturday, August 29, 2009

Miserable at best

4.53 AM, Borås, Sweden

Today's soundtrack;
  • Iron Maiden - the "Somewhere In Time" album
Dear diary,

I didn't intend to write anything tonight, but I figured I could take some time to at least leave a short note here. Tomorrow (today?) I'll be going to Jönköping to party with the band and some other friends, looking forward to it. On Sunday we're (hopefully) gonna record our version of Guns N' Roses "Patience", since it didn't work out last weekend. I'm really psyched about this, I think it's gonna sound great and it's also something we can show people until we've found a new drummer and finished our demo.

My head is so full of thoughts I swear I can feel it bursting at the seams at some times. The last week has been so confusing, in many ways, and I have begun to doubt many things I never would have thought I'd doubt before. I'm really not sure how to explain this, but in some way it feels like something has opened up inside of me. If it's a bleeding wound or if it's a stairway to heaven, I don't know. But I sure hope for the latter. Autumn is on its way, and I greet it with open arms. For as long as I can remember, the time of the year when everything withers and dies, is the time I feel most alive. Strange how that works. Oh well, I'm off to bed. Later y'all.

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