Friday, May 15, 2009

A failsafe

07.25 AM, Falköping, Sweden

Dear diary.

I nearly forgot all about you tonight... or today, whatever it is...

I'm gonna keep things short as for now, my day has been totally wasted away on sleeping, woke up around 5.30 PM, and haven't done anything worth mentioning since then. I've got no specific plans for the weekend, and since I'm totally broke I guess I'll be sitting around at home, trying not to panic from the fact that everyone's out enjoying themselves, and I'm left all alone, up for grabs for the demons. I'm gonna need some medication to endure the weekend, and it's not gonna be pretty trying to get them in the way I have to now...

Maybe I'll write in you later today... you're gonna be my only company the next few days, hope you're up for some insanity.

Until then

And yeah, one last thing...

You make my heart beat faster <3

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