Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loaded like a freight train

10.10 AM, Småland, Sweden

Dear diary. (see, no " " ' s this time!)

I'm having the Hangover from Hell, but I guess that's a kind of confirmation that I had a good time yesterday. I went to Jönköping to party with the band, and our new drummer, and we had a great time, to say the least... We sat down outside our old rehearsal space until the club opened and got hammered, terrorizing people passing by. There was no need for words - me and Johan looked at each other, and then on that long haired, crazy fucker who's now our drummer, and we both agreed that he's the missing piece we've been looking for. He's just as mentally damaged as we are, shares the same taste in music, and has the same vision for the band. We've already discussed about starting to book gigs, starting from september, all depending on how fast we can put our demo together. Since all 5 of us has a lot of contacts in the "glam universe" it won't be hard finding places to play at, and since I've nearly promised Ronja to come and play in Falun, that's gonna be one of the places.

I ended up at my parents home last night, when the club closed neither Johan or anyone else from the band was to be found, so I tried to find a bus back home, but couldn't, and had my father pick me up in Jönköping instead, so now I'm spending the day out here.

Gonna go drink a bathtub of water now... I'll write in you soon again, diary.

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