Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You know I'm a dreamer

20.00 PM, in the middle of nowhere, Sweden

Just spent the afternoon with basstard, he went out here and we had some coffee and some cigarettes, talked about music and inspected the house I've just become the owner of. It's a rat's nest right now, but with some effort put into it, I'm certain I can turn it into my own private mansion. It's gonna be great, a place to hang out, party, create music and just relax. Exactly what I need.

So tomorrow we're gonna meet Makkey, the drummer from Black Heart, grab a coffee and discuss whether he wants to start playing with us or not. I hope he's as eager as we are to start playing and change rock history together. I'll tell y'all later how it went.

Gonna go and get some painting done now, later people!

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