Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Echoes of a resonance cascade

05.20 AM, Falköping, Sweden

"Dear dia... no, dear everyone, this time."

Because this is important. You'll need to listen up. Open your ears, people. As the night slowly progressed further, as the minutes and seconds passed, I've slowly begun to realize something. Something important, I have felt it inside me for so long, it has been lying deep down in my mind, slumbering, waiting for the moment to emerge from the depths and break the surface. This is not your normal bright idea, this is an intervention of some kind. First of all - listen, watch, and feel;


Did you feel it? Could you feel your heart pounding, your blood pumping through every vein in your body, your mind taking in the sensations, processing them? I cannot put into words the feeling that particular piece of music gives me, but I know now that something has opened up inside me. I think... no, I know... it's my soul, wanting to break out of its prison, wanting to break the chains and be set free into the world. This is my message to you.

We need to wake up from this dream we're dreaming, this nightmare that surrounds us. We must open our eyes, stand up and realize what we are, and what we are doing to this planet we call our home. This is our world, and as humans we are responsible for it's fate. Everything that exists has a purpose, down to every last atom, everything has a purpose. We live short lives, and yet we leave so many tracks on the surface of the earth while we're alive. No one wants to take responsibility for everything bad in this world, no one wants to see this world fall prey to our hunger for profit, our senseless ways of destroying this gift we have been given by nature, and the blessing that lies inside our minds; the ability to expand our minds constantly, and evolve into the future.

We're here to help guard this place, not destroy it for fuck's sake! Everything we do makes a difference, every bit of your daily life has a consequence, whether you want it to or not. Perhaps man was never meant to rule this world for a long time, because the end for humanity is drawing closer for each passing second. And just as there are many things that are destructive in humanity, there are also as many things that are creative. Our minds are the best weapons we will ever have - with them we can create so many things, the boundaries are infinite. Instead of using our minds to find new ways to kill each other - use them to create something, build something beautiful. Find new ways to show humanity that all hope isn't gone, that there is still something inside us that can make earth a better place for everyone. Give it all you've got, people, 'cause this is our last chance. Time grows shorter every day.

Start today. When you wake up from sleep, open your eyes and try to see the world differently. Make your mind break out of the box society has put it in, allow it to think, discover, explore, create. Find new ways to communicate with others, read a book, draw a painting, go out and tell a stranger that you've set yourself free, scream, shout and show the world that we're still here; we're still fighting to make a difference.

Where society builds walls, we shall break them down. Where evil exists, we shall suppress it and make it suffocate. Where humanity is fighting to survive, we shall take it into our arms and help it grow. Where creativity exists, we shall exist with it as one - as humans.

Do your part today. Start this movement, and piece by piece, the world shall slowly turn into a better place for us all. Don't know where to start? I'll help you, just ask me. This is Lifestream, and it begins with you, yourself, and nobody else.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

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