Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On with the show

07.45 AM, Falköping, Sweden

"Dear diary."

I've been awake since 4 PM yesterday, and to be honest with ya, I don't feel tired at all. Maybe 'cause I "cheated" a bit and had a little bump... but not too much. Gotta save some for the weekend...
So I'm sitting here, half-naked, listening to the Crüe and feeling pretty damn well. Gonna get a visit from and old classmate of mine, Niklas. We haven't seen each other since we graduated so it's gonna be interesting, he's also a great drummer so I'm hoping to convince him into start playing with us and form something. We'll see.

So how have I been feeling lately? Pretty good, thank you. Except from some nightmares and the usual thoughts of that little bitch (you should know who I'm talking about by now) things have been calm. I'm starting to look forward to things again. This weekend's gonna be awesome, on Friday I'll be going to Jönköping to watch a gig with Sister, a sleaze band I've known for a while. Without saying too much, they're by far the best band in their genre in Sweden today, and everywhere they go, they kick ass and raise hell, and this gig ain't gonna be different. I'm gonna love being around some rockstars again... I feel so alive in their company, with them sharing (and living) the same dream as me. We'll drink, fight and fuck our way through the night, that's for sure!

You should check out their myspace and help yourself to some rockin' tunes;

And the weekend after the next, on 1st of May, I'll be in Jönköping to watch them again, and the same story will repeat itself... if I'm still alive by then, that is... Ah, gotta love this way of life... It's everything I need. Live fast, die young, and leave a pretty lookin' corpse!

Gonna get a shower now and get myself dressed... and maybe have another bump... or two...

Take care, everybody.


  1. jag håller med dig fullständigt. kaffe och cigg! och ja, mjölk och socker såklart (:


  2. Be dem spela i Falun snart igen med! >_<
    (and don't die TO young, plz)