Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Please don't touch

00.35 AM, Falköping, Sweden

"Dear diary"

Just got home from watching a movie with a girl I met in a club a few weeks ago. We watched the new Fast & Furious movie, it was great and I had a good time. She's real nice, but not really my type, and I get the feeling she's after something more than just a relationship... and that ain't gonna happen, of course...

So finally I've made some progress in the search for an apartment in Borås, I got a letter from my unemployment fund that said I had right to compensation from them. Finally! Fuck... I sent the first letter to them in december 2008, and now, 5 months later I'm finally seeing some results. So I've applied for some apartments in Borås today, and I'm hoping to get a quick reply.

Except for that, nothing much to report. I still feel all torn apart from all the nightmares and constant panic attacks I'm having. And... still feeling lonely, ladies! A little help would be appreciated.

My bed is seriously mad at me for not being in it, so I'd better try and get some sleep. Night.


  1. ska du flytta till borås? :)

  2. Ja, söker lägenhet nu så om några veckor förhoppningsvis ^^

  3. sv: ja eller hur, älskar blutengel, älskar den versionen av seelenschmertz som du skickade till mig med :P haha mjo ja är ganska säker på att vi har rätt lika musiksmak :P