Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Before the dawn

6.15 PM, Borås, Sweden

Today's soundtrack;
  • Mazzy Star - Into Dust
Dear diary,

Yesterday was spent together with Louis... as always it felt a bit awkward at times when I couldn't come up with something to say or do, but as the evening progressed I became more and more relaxed. We went out for a walk in the city around 1 AM... originally, we weren't supposed to walk that far, but we ended up on top of a hill overlooking parts of central Borås. It was a tough hike up there, but it's worth it every time. I just love the atmosphere and all the lights, as I have told you about in an earlier post. All in all it was a great night, I felt really connected to her, and it's so wonderful to have someone to talk to about all your thoughts and feelings. Someone to rely on.

On our way down from the hill, I discovered some concrete structures hidden under some tall grass beside the small, narrow path we were walking on. Since I'm quite familiar with the various objects of interest for an urban explorer in Borås, and never had heard of anything on this particular hill, it of course awoke my enthusiasm. I've been searching around in various forums, but so far no record of any military activity on that hill, so it's a mystery to be solved. This town is said to be "the most boring town in Sweden", and for most of the people here, that statement is true. For me, it's a whole different story... there is so much to discover here, so many places to explore. A city to me is a mystery, a mystery that is so fascinating and secretive. People usually don't understand the complexity of a city's structure, there are so many things hidden beneath closed doors, underground, in parking garages, on rooftops and so on. I intend to explore this city until there is nothing left to find, and even if it takes a lifetime, I believe I'll never lose my enthusiasm for this. Enough about that.

I'm doing some laundry right now... which is boring as hell. I have no plans for tonight, Marlene was supposed to come here and help me bleach my hair once again, but she wasn't up for it so maybe I'll try to find someone else to do it. I can't show myself in front of other people with this horrible hair color...

Later y'all...

9.10 PM

People fucking disgust me. I can't help feeling this way... everywhere I look, there's these poor fucking examples of a human being. I can't stand it. I would be making everyone a favor by cleaning up this infected, fucked up population, bent on attention, money and fame. It would be so easy...

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