Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love has taken it's toll

"Dear diary."

Just got home from watching a gig, got a girl here with me but have no plans of getting more intimate with her. Skipped the plans of going home to Småland tonight, stayed instead and watched my guitarist's other band PP7 play. Was really exciting to watch a band play on stage again, and every time I do, I feel the urge to stand there myself. The feeling I get from standing on stage is unique, it's fantastic, and I get hooked on it all the time. If I only could find a band to play in, no matter what they're playing, as long as I get to play music it doesn't matter

Too drunk too write anything here tonight... gonna pass out right now... I miss my baby...

Night ladies'

10.40 AM

Woke up at 7.30 AM, hungover and thirsty as fuck. Couldn't get back to sleep so decided to put my clothes on, or whats left of them at least... Got up, had a beer and a cigarette and noticed Erik was awake too. Thought "Great, I won't have to drink alone!" and since then we've been sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee and smoking. Nice way to start a day.
Last night was great, as I wrote earlier, we went down to watch a gig called 1000 Volt, where my guitarists other band PP7 was playing. Even though it was their first gig, they sounded real good. punk rock at it's best. So afterwards we went to a bar, had a beer, and then went on to this chinese restaurant, cause' they had cheap alcohol. So sat there talking with the boys a while, then when it closed at 10 PM, we went on to another bar and continued drinking. It was great meeting with the boys again, talking about music and stuff. We went back home around 1 AM with this cute girl we picked up at the concert, and that's when my memory stops serving my mind. I know I didn't fuck her at least, I think Erik did it for me... ah, nevermind...

So I'll be going back to Småland today instead. Need to clean out my old apartment, so maybe I'll try and be sober tonight... (Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen...)
Downloaded some new music today, a record with Priestess and another one with Monster Magnet and got stuck on a song that pretty much describes my life and how I feel. It's called "Live For The Moment"... and I really do. (

There's a little pile of ashes where my old life used to be
Credit cards and memories all dumped into the sea
Well this ain't no time for bullshit as I fly into the sun
Well you can't trust anybody if you can't trust number one

Well the man tells me my future is not so far away
You get ready for tomorrow I gotta waste my whole today
My inner life knows better it's what I wanna hear
Just like a diamond bullet well it's crystal crystal clear

I can slap a tornado, I can dry up a sea, yeah
When I live for the moment,
There ain't no ain't knowin' me

You'll never find your pleasure if you worry about your pain
And your precious little details are stretchin' out my brain
Well you spin around and bite your nails, now let me tell you son
That you can't trust anybody if you can't trust number one

Now there's some fucking great lyrics for ya!
I need to start writing some music... my head is so full of words and lyrics, bit I can't seem to get to a point when I can write them down...
Should start packing now...

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