Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wish You Were Here

"Dear diary."

Gonna keep this one short today. Nothing much has been going on, at least not anything worth telling you. Been drinking all night with Johnny at his place, so I'm shitfaced and should be in bed instead of writing here. Talked to Nala over msn earlier, looks like I'll get to meet her finally. She said she could come visit me next week, so I hope that it'll work out. She's been really nice to me after all, and I didn't expect her to contact me again, but it feels good. She's a real beauty.

Going to bed... I'm so alone right now. I need someone to hold me, to sleep by my side so the nightmares won't come creeping and the demons will keep quiet through the night. But I'm still alone...


"In many ways I'm the burden
That divides us from the light
In many ways you're the halo
That keeps my spirit alive

Temptation, play the good or evil part
With me you evoke the dark"

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