Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar, we're going down

02.30 AM, Falköping, Sweden

"Dear diary."

I could tell you about everything that's been going on, tell you about all the exciting and awesome things that have happened during these days I haven't written to you. But there's one problem with that - nothing of that has happened. Everything has been totally normal. Dull. Pointless. I'm beginning to get tired of this reality of mine...

So as I said, nothing new to report. Except that I've been talking to Tina a bit more, and we've decided to meet again, to see if we're still interested in having a relationship once again. I lack the inspiration and words to describe this matter further, but I promise I will when my brain gets back online again. Right now it's just dead, dead from all the pointless things I've been up to lately. Sorry about that, brain. I'll make it up to you.

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